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What is Sin?


Sin can be defined as "missing the mark." Just as a marksman misses his target, we sin when we miss God's standard of absolute righteousness.

There is sometimes confusion about the verbiage concerning sin in Hebrews 12:1. In this passage, the Greek word for "weight" in the KJV version is "ogkos" which describes a mass bending or bulging because of its load; i.e., a burden, a hindrance, or a weight. The NIV translates this as "hinders." It refers to that which impedes or burdens by weighing one down. Falwell says that for a runner, this could either refer to clothing or his own excessive body weight. Obviously, for the Christian it would involve not wicked but weighty things. It would include anything that could hinder his effectiveness for service. These are not things which are inherently wrong, but for the diligent runner or the faithful Christian they are an impediment that must be removed. The Christian is not allowed to be selective regarding these weights; he will remove them. He must put off every weight. Whatever does not aid in the race is a weight and must be cast aside.


Sin originated with Satan, and it entered the world when Satan rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven onto the earth.

Owen Weber 2008