Basic Bible
The Techniques of
the Christian Life
Marriage Christian Service and
Human Government
The Bible Doctrine
of Warfare
Is it Wrong?
Unborn Black
Lives Matter
Is Killing
Ever Right?
Living the
Christian Life

Special Series

1) SP01-01 The Live Wire Church, No. 1 SP01-01 Word Document SP01-01 Audio mp3
2) SP01-02 The Live Wire Church, No. 2 SP01-02 Word Document SP01-02 Audio mp3
3) SP02-01 Christian Education, No. 1 SP02-01 Word Document SP02-01 Audio mp3
4) SP02-02 Christian Education, No. 2 SP02-02 Word Document SP02-02 Audio mp3
5) SP03-01 Abortion SP03-01 Word Document SP03-01 Audio mp3