Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon is a love poem. It depicts love in marriage as well as love for God. It is a picture of Christ and the church as well as the communion of Christ with each individual believer.

Chapter 1

The bride is in the palace in Jerusalem, anticipating her meeting with the young shepherd. Her brothers have forced her to work in the vineyard, so she hasn't been able to fix herself up as she would have liked. The young shepherd was somewhat evasive, and it was curious that he had no sheep. The bride falls in love with him, and she later discovers that he is actually King Solomon.

Chapter 2

During her meeting with the bridegroom at the palace, the bride speaks humbly of herself, comparing herself to the lowly flowers of the land. The bridegroom reveals his love for her by contrasting the lily with the thorns, and the bride speaks of her love for him. This is a picture of the mutual love between a believer and Christ. When the bridegroom returns form a trip, the bride is filled with happy anticipation.

Chapter 3

The bride dreams about the bridegroom when he is away. She seeks him at night and lets nothing stop her from finding him. Finally, Solomon enters Jerusalem with his bride. This is symbolic of the marriage of the Lamb in the end times, when the church is raptured and Christ is married to his bride, the church.

Chapter 4

The love song of the bridegroom is an expression of the deep desire that he has for his bride. Likewise, we cannot begin to know the extent of Christ's love for us.

Chapter 5

While the bride slept, the bridegroom was out looking for his lost sleep, a fitting picture of Christ seeking the lost. The bride goes out looking for the bridegroom. She asks people along her way about him, describing him in flattering terms. However, they are skeptical and they don't believe that he is any different than all the other men (religious leaders). However, she truly knows him and loves him because she knows that he stands alone in complete truth.

Chapter 6

The daughters of Jerusalem are finally convinced that this bridegroom is indeed genuine, and she continues to praise him. The bridegroom expresses his love for the bride, and she responds, along with the daughters of Jerusalem.

Chapter 7

The daughters of Jerusalem praise the beauty of the bride, and the bridegroom speaks of his love for the bride (Christ's love for the church).

Owen Weber 2012