The Seven Last Words of Christ

1) 7LW-001.1 1: "Father, Forgive Them." 7LW-001.1 Word Document 7LW-001.1 Audio mp3
2) 7LW-001.2 2: "Today you Shall be with Me in paradise." 7LW-001.1 Word Document 7LW-001.2 Audio mp3
3) 7LW-002.1 3: "Here is your Mother. / Here is your Son." 7LW-002.1 Word Document 7LW-002.1 Audio mp3
4) 7LW-002.2 4: "My God, My God, Why have You Forsaken Me?" 7LW-002.2 Word Document 7LW-002.2 Audio mp3
5) 7LW-003.1 5: "I am thirsty." 7LW-003.1 Word Document 7LW-003.1 Audio mp3
6) 7LW-003.2 6: "It is finished." 7LW-003.2 Word Document 7LW-003.2 Audio mp3
7) 7LW-004 7: "Into Thy Hands I Commit My Spirit" 7LW-004 Word Document 7LW-004 Audio mp3
8) 7LW-005 Enslavement to Sin and Spiritual Death 7LW-005 Word Document 7LW-005 Audio mp3
9) 7LW-006 The Sin Nature of Man 7LW-006 Word Document 7LW-006 Audio mp3
10) 7LW-007 Regeneration, No. 1 7LW-007 Word Document 7LW-007 Audio mp3
11) 7LW-008 Regeneration, No. 2 7LW-008 Word Document 7LW-008 Audio mp3
12) 7LW-009 God's Holiness 7LW-009 Word Document 7LW-009 Audio mp3
13) 7LW-010 Man is Saveable 7LW-010 Word Document 7LW-010 Audio mp3
14) 7LW-011 Imputation, Absolute Righteousness, and Justice 7LW-011 Word Document 7LW-011 Audio mp3
15) 7LW-012 Justification by Faith 7LW-012 Word Document 7LW-012 Audio mp3
16) 7LW-013 Seven Grand Results of Justification 7LW-013 Word Document 7LW-013 Audio mp3
17) 7LW-014 Our Position in Christ 7LW-014 Word Document 7LW-014 Audio mp3
18) 7LW-015 Positional Truth 7LW-015 Word Document 7LW-015 Audio mp3
19) 7LW-016 Position in Christ 7LW-016 Word Document 7LW-016 Audio mp3
20) 7LW-017 Victory over Satan 7LW-017 Word Document 7LW-017 Audio mp3
21) 7LW-018 With Reconciliation: "It is Truly Finished" 7LW-018 Word Document 7LW-018 Audio mp3