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This is a series of broad consideration of the areas of the prophetic Scriptures. Sometimes when prophecy is studied in detail, we fail to clarify in our own minds certain specific major features that are important for us to understand as background for today’s news.

Prophecy Today

For example, where does the United States fit into the end picture? Is there any significance to the terrific economic problems for this country today, particularly in reference to the stability of the dollar on the world market and the news that we have had this past week concerning that? What is the situation and what is the significance of the drug traffic within the military services that you saw on the front pages of your Dallas Morning News today?

What effect will the economic picture have on the capabilities militarily of the United States now that the United States is under a doctrine of a previous administration that we should slow down and permit the Russians to catch up with us militarily so as to take away their fears and to give them a sense of security? Where does this put us today particularly in view of the fact that one of the outstanding problems the Russians have with us today is our Polaris missiles. They have pretty well countered everything else we have, both in our arsenal of defense and attack, but the Polaris submarine is still a real problem. Is there any significance to the tremendous upsurge in the development of the Russian navy and of its presence in the Mediterranean Sea?

What effect does student rebellion have? What about the lawlessness? Is there any significance that in this particular age we should have a tremendous outbreak of lawlessness? Is there any significance that the great university town of Berkeley has now by legal ballot established a Marxist-Leninist-oriented city government, and the plans that are afoot to make the drug culture a way of life within the context of that municipality? What’s the significance of such a move that in the United States of America you can hear for the first time people singing the communist international song as they are doing in Berkeley?

Do you have any real hope for thinking that this is a trend that’s going to run its head of steam? Do you really sit here and have any real grounds for thinking that all of this is going to be reversed, or is it possible that finally the thought will hit you with the hard cold hammer blow that it is that we are not going to return; that the United States is not going to get better economically; that things are going to get worse; that the problems of our military are going to get worse; that the problems of our leadership of the West are going to get worse? How can the United States be the leader of the western world when it has to be the antichrist, the man of sin, who is the leader of the western world? What is he going to be the leader over? Is there any significance to the fact that Britain is about ready to enter the Common Market, and that the Common Market has now set as its goal a ten-nation union? Is that meaningful or not?

If you are hopeful that we’re going to have a return in this country to a former era, I think you are gravely in error. I think what we need to do is to know exactly where we stand in reference to these great world alliances that the Bible predicts, and how they’re going to move. Then you and I will have some idea as to exactly how we’re going to play the game of life. It is pathetic that the Bible is the only book in the world that is capable of telling us where history is going; 25% of it when it was first written was prophecy; and, no worthy preacher and no worthy church would ignore God’s previews of history, and yet most do. It’s pathetic from lack of insight concerning this which is taking place in our day, and nobody can be more ignorant about the Bible than the professional minister.


Many years ago, before I was even pastor of this church, there was a visiting evangelist, and after one of the services (I was a Dallas Seminary student), somebody had come up and something in the service had led people to think about Satan. A little group had gathered around, they had turned to the Isaiah passage, and they were asking me a couple of questions about this personality Satan and what he was trying to do. The evangelist walked up and said, “What are you talking about?” We said that we were thinking about a question relative to Satan (and the Isaiah passage) and what he’s doing today. A look of contempt came across the evangelist’s face, and he said, “Oh,” and he put his nose in the air and he moved by and shrugged his (shoulders) as he went by. He couldn’t have been less interested in Satan. He was only interested in how many numbers he could have to prove that he’d had a successful revival in this particular church situation.

There is nothing more strategic than for you and me to recognize that since Jesus Christ is in heaven, He is no longer the target of Satan’s attack. During the ten days between the ascension of Jesus Christ and the descent of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, all of the forces of hell shifted gears to make you the direct target of Satan’s attacks. You can’t survive in this age without Bible doctrine information, and the consequent spiritual maturity of soul that you can build from that information.

Now prophecy is a major part of that information. So, don’t let some dumb benighted diluted preacher, because he speaks to a large congregation, dissuade you from enthusiastically seeking what God has chosen to take you into His confidence in as a member of His family, just as He did to Abraham before He brought destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah.


Today there is, of course, a very huge interest indeed in the future and in the signs of good fortune. I noticed on a magazine when I was in Alaska that a prominent entertainer had called two astrologers in to set the exact hour for his most recent wedding. He’s very prominent. All of you know him. He wouldn’t think of doing this without their guidance. Horoscopes are now read on radio. If you listen to your radio, there’s a computerized horoscope summary that you may read. You ride along in your car and right away you hear that horoscope coming, and all of you are thinking, “Am I a Libra, a Sagittarius, a Taurus, etc.,” and then you listen anxiously for what it tells you to do, and it gives you some very specific directives. For example, “This would be a good day to get on with that job you had in mind.” Now what could be wrong with that, especially if you were a Taurus bull or something like that?

Also, high government leaders are reported to be very interested in what the modern day seers and prophets have to say. Jeanne Dixon, the famous Washington prophetess, was called in by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to get some direct information during World War II on the conduct of his relationships with Russia. Interestingly enough, she gave him advice that he didn’t follow. The nation would be better off had he followed her advice in not giving things away to Russia. It was this same prophetess that warned the Kennedys that if he came to Dallas he would be assassinated.

The Bible

The sacred books of the religions of the world make no attempt whatsoever to authenticate themselves with predictions. Only the Bible makes predictions about the future. Every prediction in the Bible is long-range, and it’s in detail in its content. Every prediction that the Bible has ever made has been fulfilled literally. It is simply a copout for unbelievers and uninformed Christians to tell us that we can’t really know what Bible prophecies mean, because we can.

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