Advanced Bible Doctrine

The Book of Philippians

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The Analysis of Scripture
1) PH01-01   Isagogics (Introduction to Philippians) PH01-01 Word Document PH01-01 Audio mp3
2) PH01-02   Exegesis of the Koine Greek Language PH01-02 Word Document PH01-02 Audio mp3
3) PH02-01   The Greek Verb PH02-01 Word Document PH02-01 Audio mp3
4) PH02-02   Greek Nouns, Pronouns, and Prepositions PH02-02 Word Document PH02-02 Audio mp3
5) PH03-01   Hermeneutics and Etymology PH03-01 Word Document PH03-01 Audio mp3
6) PH03-02   Categories of Doctrine (Baptism), No. 1 PH03-02 Word Document PH03-02 Audio mp3
7) PH04-01   Categories of Doctrine (Baptism), No. 2 PH04-01 Word Document PH04-01 Audio mp3
8) PH04-02   The Pastor-Teacher PH04-02 Word Document PH04-02 Audio mp3
Paul and Timothy
9) PH05-01   Paul, the Author - Philippians 1:1 PH05-01 Word Document PH05-01 Audio mp3
10) PH05-02   Bondslaves of Jesus Christ - Philippians 1:1 PH05-02 Word Document PH05-02 Audio mp3
11) PH06-01   The Will of God - Philippians 1:1 PH06-01 Word Document PH06-01 Audio mp3
12) PH06-02   Timothy, No. 1 - Philippians 1:1 PH06-02 Word Document PH06-02 Audio mp3
13) PH07-01   Timothy, No. 2 (and Drinking) - Philippians 1:1 PH07-01 Word Document PH07-01 Audio mp3
The Church
14) PH07-02   The Universal Church - Philippians 1:1 PH07-02 Word Document PH07-02 Audio mp3
15) PH08-01   The Purpose of the Church - Philippians 1:1 PH08-01 Word Document PH08-01 Audio mp3
16) PH08-02   Characteristics of the Church - Philippians 1:1 PH08-02 Word Document PH08-02 Audio mp3
17) PH09-01   Illustrations of the Church - Philippians 1:1 PH09-01 Word Document PH09-01 Audio mp3
18) PH09-02   The Local Church - Philippians 1:1 PH09-02 Word Document PH09-02 Audio mp3
19) PH10-01   The Goal of the Local Church - Philippians 1:1 PH10-01 Word Document PH10-01 Audio mp3
20) PH10-02   The Pastor-Teacher - Philippians 1:1 PH10-02 Word Document PH10-02 Audio mp3
21) PH11-01   The Pastor-Teacher - Philippians 1:1 PH11-01 Word Document PH11-01 Audio mp3
22) PH11-02   Qualifications for a Pastor - Philippians 1:1 PH11-02 Word Document PH11-02 Audio mp3
23) PH12-01   Deacons - Philippians 1:1 PH12-01 Word Document PH12-01 Audio mp3
Thanksgiving and Prayer
24) PH12-02   Memory - Philippians 1:2-3 PH12-02 Word Document PH12-02 Audio mp3
25) PH13-01   Praying with Joy - Philippians 1:4 PH13-01 Word Document PH13-01 Audio mp3
26) PH13-02   The Fellowship of Happiness - Philippians 1:5 PH13-02 Word Document PH13-02 Audio mp3
27) PH14-01   The Finisher of our Faith - Philippians 1:6 PH14-01 Word Document PH14-01 Audio mp3
28) PH14-02   Fellowship in Grace - Philippians 1:7-8 PH14-02 Word Document PH14-02 Audio mp3
29) PH15-01   The Apostle's Prayer, No. 1 - Philippians 1:9-11 PH15-01 Word Document PH15-01 Audio mp3
30) PH15-02   The Apostle's Prayer, No. 2 - Philippians 1:9-11 PH15-02 Word Document PH15-02 Audio mp3
Triumph Out of Trouble (Philippians 1:12-14)
31) PH16-01   Paul's Imprisonment PH16-01 Word Document PH16-01 Audio mp3
32) PH16-02   Suffering PH16-02 Word Document PH16-02 Audio mp3
33) PH17-01   Heaven PH17-01 Word Document PH17-01 Audio mp3
34) PH17-02   Satanic Power PH17-02 Word Document PH17-02 Audio mp3
35) PH18-01   Miraculous Healing PH18-01 Word Document PH18-01 Audio mp3
36) PH18-02   Grace and Glory PH18-02 Word Document PH18-02 Audio mp3
Reversionism (Philippians 1:15-18)
37) PH19-01   Falling From Grace PH19-01 Word Document PH19-01 Audio mp3
38) PH19-02   Spirituality PH19-02 Word Document PH19-02 Audio mp3
39) PH20-01   False Motivations PH20-01 Word Document PH20-01 Audio mp3
40) PH20-02   Liberty over Equality PH20-02 Word Document PH20-02 Audio mp3
41) PH21-01   Recovering from Reversionism PH21-01 Word Document PH21-01 Audio mp3
42) PH21-02   The Doctrine of Reversionism PH21-02 Word Document PH21-02 Audio mp3
Death (Philippians 1:19-21)
43) PH22-01   The Doctrine of Death PH22-01 Word Document PH22-01 Audio mp3
44) PH22-02   Earth vs. Heaven PH22-02 Word Document PH22-02 Audio mp3
45) PH23-01   The Nature of a Christian's Death PH23-01 Word Document PH23-01 Audio mp3
46) PH23-02   Physical Death PH23-02 Word Document PH23-02 Audio mp3
The Conflict of Desire and Duty
  (Philippians 1:22-24)
47) PH24-01   Life vs. Death PH24-01 Word Document PH24-01 Audio mp3
48) PH24-02   The Tabernacle PH24-02 Word Document PH24-02 Audio mp3
Charismatics (Philippians 1:25-26)
49) PH25-01   Bible Doctrine Today PH25-01 Word Document PH25-01 Audio mp3
50) PH25-02   The Charismatic Movement PH25-02 Word Document PH25-02 Audio mp3
51) PH26-01   Saul and the Amalekites PH26-01 Word Document PH26-01 Audio mp3
52) PH26-02   Jeroboam PH26-02 Word Document PH26-02 Audio mp3
53) PH27-01   Things Befitting the Gospel PH27-01 Word Document PH27-01 Audio mp3
Edgar Cayce (Philippians 1:27)
54) PH27-02   The "Ministry" of Edgar Cayce PH27-02 Word Document PH27-02 Audio mp3
55) PH28-01   Dreams, Reincarnation, and Karma PH28-01 Word Document PH28-01 Audio mp3
56) PH28-02   Demons, Theosophy, and Gnosticism PH28-02 Word Document PH28-02 Audio mp3
57) PH29-01   The Suffering of Spiritual Combat PH29-01 Word Document PH29-01 Audio mp3
The Full Armor of God (Philippians 1:28-30)
58) PH29-02   The Full Armor of God PH29-02 Word Document PH29-02 Audio mp3
59) PH30-01   The Belt of Truth PH30-01 Word Document PH30-01 Audio mp3
60) PH30-02   The Grace System of Perception PH30-02 Word Document PH30-02 Audio mp3
61) PH31-01   The Breastplate of Righteousness PH31-01 Word Document PH31-01 Audio mp3
62) PH31-02   Shoes of the Gospel of Peace PH31-02 Word Document PH31-02 Audio mp3
63) PH32-01   Witnessing PH32-01 Word Document PH32-01 Audio mp3
64) PH32-02   The Shield of Faith PH32-02 Word Document PH32-02 Audio mp3
65) PH33-01   The Helmet of Salvation PH33-01 Word Document PH33-01 Audio mp3
66) PH33-02   The Sword of the Spirit PH33-02 Word Document PH33-02 Audio mp3
67) PH34-01   Prayer PH34-01 Word Document PH34-01 Audio mp3
68) PH34-02   Principles and Hindrances of Prayer PH34-02 Word Document PH34-02 Audio mp3
Paul's Joy (Philippians 2:1-4)
69) PH35-01   Undeserved and Deserved Suffering PH35-01 Word Document PH35-01 Audio mp3
70) PH35-02   Mental Attitude PH35-02 Word Document PH35-02 Audio mp3
71) PH36-01   Humility, Harmony, and Helpfulness PH36-01 Word Document PH36-01 Audio mp3
The Kenosis of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5-8)
72) PH36-02   The Deity of Jesus Christ PH36-02 Word Document PH36-02 Audio mp3
73) PH37-01   The Doctrine of the Kenosis PH37-01 Word Document PH37-01 Audio mp3
74) PH37-02   The Humanity of Jesus Christ PH37-02 Word Document PH37-02 Audio mp3
75) PH38-01 The Exaltation of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:9-11) PH38-01 Word Document PH38-01 Audio mp3
76) PH38-02 Sanctification (Philippians 2:12-13) PH38-02 Word Document PH38-02 Audio mp3
Lights in the World (Philippians 2:14-15)
& The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)
77) PH39-01   Christian Conduct (Situation Ethics) PH39-01 Word Document PH39-01 Audio mp3
78) PH39-02   The Fall of the Roman Empire (& the USA) PH39-02 Word Document PH39-02 Audio mp3
79) PH40-01   The New Morality PH40-01 Word Document PH40-01 Audio mp3
80) PH40-02   The Doctrine of Morality PH40-02 Word Document PH40-02 Audio mp3
81) PH41-01   Our Christian Heritage PH41-01 Word Document PH41-01 Audio mp3
The 1st Commandment
82) PH41-02   Freedom PH41-02 Word Document PH41-02 Audio mp3
83) PH42-01   False Gods PH42-01 Word Document PH42-01 Audio mp3
The 2nd Commandment
84) PH42-02   Images PH42-02 Word Document PH42-02 Audio mp3
85) PH43-01   The Four-Generation Curse PH43-01 Word Document PH43-01 Audio mp3
The 3th Commandment
86) PH43-02   Idolatry; and, Swearing PH43-02 Word Document PH43-02 Audio mp3
The 4th Commandment
87) PH44-01   Perjury; and, the Sabbath Day PH44-01 Word Document PH44-01 Audio mp3
88) PH44-02   Saturday vs. Sunday PH44-02 Word Document PH44-02 Audio mp3
The 5th Commandment
89) PH45-01   Fathers PH45-01 Word Document PH45-01 Audio mp3
90) PH45-02   Mothers PH45-02 Word Document PH45-02 Audio mp3
91) PH46-01   Children PH46-01 Word Document PH46-01 Audio mp3
92) PH46-02   What Children Should Learn PH46-02 Word Document PH46-02 Audio mp3
The 6th Commandment
93) PH47-01   Killing; and, Abortion PH47-01 Word Document PH47-01 Audio mp3
94) PH47-02   Personhood PH47-02 Word Document PH47-02 Audio mp3
95) PH48-01   Euthanasia PH48-01 Word Document PH48-01 Audio mp3
The 7th Commandment
96) PH48-02   Marriage PH48-02 Word Document PH48-02 Audio mp3
97) PH49-01   Sexual Immorality; and, Homosexuality PH49-01 Word Document PH49-01 Audio mp3
98) PH49-02   Bestiality; Incest; and, Divorce PH49-02 Word Document PH49-02 Audio mp3
The 8th Commandment
99) PH50-01   Stealing PH50-01 Word Document PH50-01 Audio mp3
100) PH50-02   Inflation PH50-02 Word Document PH50-02 Audio mp3
101) PH51-01   Debt PH51-01 Word Document PH51-01 Audio mp3
102) PH51-02   Other Forms of Stealing PH51-02 Word Document PH51-02 Audio mp3
The 9th Commandment
103) PH52-01   Perjury PH52-01 Word Document PH52-01 Audio mp3
104) PH52-02   Bearing False Witness PH52-02 Word Document PH52-02 Audio mp3
The 10th Commandment
105) PH53-01   Coveting PH53-01 Word Document PH53-01 Audio mp3
106) PH53-02   Forms of Covetousness PH53-02 Word Document PH53-02 Audio mp3
Focusing on the Word of Life - Philippians 2:16
107) PH54-01   The Word of Life PH54-01 Word Document PH54-01 Audio mp3
108) PH54-02   The Judgment Seat of Christ PH54-02 Word Document PH54-02 Audio mp3
109) PH55-01   The Rapture PH55-01 Word Document PH55-01 Audio mp3
110) PH55-02   The Pre-Tribulation Rapture PH55-02 Word Document PH55-02 Audio mp3
111) PH56-01   The Post-Tribulation Rapture View PH56-01 Word Document PH56-01 Audio mp3
112) PH56-02   Too Little Too Late PH56-02 Word Document PH56-02 Audio mp3
113) PH57-01 Paul Ready for Martyrdom PH57-01 Word Document PH57-01 Audio mp3
Timothy the Unique Helper - Philippians 2:19-21
114) PH57-02   Sending Timothy PH57-02 Word Document PH57-02 Audio mp3
115) PH58-01   Be Like-Minded PH58-01 Word Document PH58-01 Audio mp3
Timothy the Proven Envoy - Philippians 2:22-24
116) PH58-02   Alternatives to your Right Pastor-Teacher PH58-02 Word Document PH58-02 Audio mp3
117) PH59-01   The Preparation of a Pastor-Teacher PH59-01 Word Document PH59-01 Audio mp3
Epaphroditus the Strenuous Worker - Philippians 2:25-30
118) PH59-02   Sending Epaphroditus PH59-02 Word Document PH59-02 Audio mp3
119) PH60-01   Epaphroditus's Illness PH60-01 Word Document PH60-01 Audio mp3
120) PH60-02   Paul's Gift of Healing PH60-02 Word Document PH60-02 Audio mp3
121) PH61-01   Dietary Laws PH61-01 Word Document PH61-01 Audio mp3
122) PH61-02   Eating Pork PH61-02 Word Document PH61-02 Audio mp3
123) PH62-01   A Charismatic Healing Meeting (Dr. William Nolen) PH62-01 Word Document PH62-01 Audio mp3
124) PH62-02   Results of Charismatic Healings (Kathryn Kuhlman) PH62-02 Word Document PH62-02 Audio mp3
125) PH63-01   Curing Psychosomatic Diseases PH63-01 Word Document PH63-01 Audio mp3
126) PH63-02   The Power of Suggestion PH63-02 Word Document PH63-02 Audio mp3
127) PH64-01   Honoring our Christian Leaders PH64-01 Word Document PH64-01 Audio mp3
Beware the Legalists - Philippians 3:1-2
128) PH64-02   Legalism PH64-02 Word Document PH64-02 Audio mp3
129) PH65-01   Law and Grace PH65-01 Word Document PH65-01 Audio mp3
130) PH65-02   How not to be a Legalist PH65-02 Word Document PH65-02 Audio mp3
131) PH66-01   The Characteristics of Legalism PH66-01 Word Document PH66-01 Audio mp3
The True Circumcision of God - Philippians 3:3-6
132) PH66-02   The True Circumcision of God PH66-02 Word Document PH66-02 Audio mp3
133) PH67-01   Spiritual Circumcision PH66-01 Word Document PH67-01 Audio mp3
134) PH67-02   Paul's Superiority in Judaism PH67-02 Word Document PH67-02 Audio mp3
Celebrityship - Philippians 3:7-10
135) PH68-01   Legalism is Refuse PH68-01 Word Document PH68-01 Audio mp3
136) PH68-02   Charismatics – John Wesley and Charles G. Finney PH68-02 Word Document PH68-02 Audio mp3
137) PH69-01   Satan's Distortion of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit PH69-01 Word Document PH69-01 Audio mp3
138) PH69-02   Warnings from God against Charismatics PH69-02 Word Document PH69-02 Audio mp3
139) PH70-01   The Purpose of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit PH70-01 Word Document PH70-01 Audio mp3
140) PH70-02   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit PH70-02 Word Document PH70-02 Audio mp3
141) PH71-01   Baptism vs. Filling of the Holy Spirit PH71-01 Word Document PH71-01 Audio mp3
142) PH71-02   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts PH71-02 Word Document PH71-02 Audio mp3
The Consequence of Being in Christ - Philippians 3:9-11
143) PH72-01   Being in Christ PH72-01 Word Document PH72-01 Audio mp3
144) PH72-02   Resurrection PH72-02 Word Document PH72-02 Audio mp3
Forgetting and Moving On - Philippians 3:12-14
145) PH73-01   Spiritual Perfection PH73-01 Word Document PH73-01 Audio mp3
146) PH73-02   Forget Your Failures PH73-02 Word Document PH73-02 Audio mp3
The Call for Christian Unity - Philippians 3:15-16
147) PH74-01   How to be Successful in Life PH74-01 Word Document PH74-01 Audio mp3
148) PH74-02   Meditation PH74-02 Word Document PH74-02 Audio mp3
People to Follow and to Shun - Philippians 3:17-19
149) PH75-01   Examples to Follow PH75-01 Word Document PH75-01 Audio mp3
150) PH75-02   God in History PH75-02 Word Document PH75-02 Audio mp3
151) PH76-01   People to Shun PH76-01 Word Document PH76-01 Audio mp3
Christian Citizenship - Philippians 3:20-21
152) PH76-02   What Heaven Will be Like PH76-02 Word Document PH76-02 Audio mp3
153) PH77-01   The Christian's Future PH77-01 Word Document PH77-01 Audio mp3
Women Serving without Competition - Philippians 4:1-3
154) PH77-02   Crowns in Heaven PH77-02 Word Document PH77-02 Audio mp3
155) PH78-01 Missing   Missing  Missing
156) PH78-02   Conflict PH78-02 Word Document PH78-02 Audio mp3
157) PH79-01   The Role of Women in Christ's Ministry PH79-01 Word Document PH79-01 Audio mp3
158) PH79-02   The Role of Women in the New Testament Church PH79-02 Word Document PH79-02 Audio mp3
159) PH80-01   The Role of Women in Life PH80-01 Word Document PH80-01 Audio mp3
Happiness is Your Duty - Philippians 4:4
160) PH80-02   Inner Happiness PH80-02 Word Document PH80-02 Audio mp3
161) PH81-01   The Causes of Depression PH81-01 Word Document PH81-01 Audio mp3
162) PH81-02   How to Overcome Depression PH81-02 Word Document PH81-02 Audio mp3
163) PH82-01   Anger PH82-01 Word Document PH82-01 Audio mp3
164) PH82-02   Godly and Ungodly Anger PH82-02 Word Document PH82-02 Audio mp3
165) PH83-01   Self-Pity PH83-01 Word Document PH83-01 Audio mp3
166) PH83-02 Preserving your Happiness - Philippians 4:5-7 PH83-02 Word Document PH83-02 Audio mp3
Programmed for Happiness - Philippians 4:8-9
167) PH84-01   Things We are to Think About PH84-01 Word Document PH84-01 Audio mp3
168) PH84-02   Our Thought Life & Imagination (Losing Weight) PH84-02 Word Document PH84-02 Audio mp3
169) PH85-01   Things We Should Do PH85-01 Word Document PH85-01 Audio mp3
170) PH85-02   Temperaments PH85-02 Word Document PH85-02 Audio mp3
171) PH86-01   Identifying and Transforming your Temperament PH86-01 Word Document PH86-01 Audio mp3
The Secret of Contentment - Philippians 4:10-13
172) PH86-02   The Opportunity to Give PH86-02 Word Document PH86-02 Audio mp3
173) PH87-01   Contentment through God's Word PH87-01 Word Document PH87-01 Audio mp3
Financing the Lord's Work - Philippians 4:14-19
174) PH87-02   The Philippians Shared with Paul PH87-02 Word Document PH87-02 Audio mp3
175) PH88-01   The Judgment Seat of Christ PH88-01 Word Document PH88-01 Audio mp3
176) PH88-02   The Blessings and Dangers of Prosperity PH88-02 Word Document PH88-02 Audio mp3
177) PH89-01   Our Giving is a Sacrifice PH89-01 Word Document PH89-01 Audio mp3
178) PH89-02   The Burnt Offering PH89-02 Word Document PH89-02 Audio mp3
179) PH90-01   The Meal Offering PH90-01 Word Document PH90-01 Audio mp3
180) PH90-02   The Feast of Firstfruits PH90-02 Word Document PH90-02 Audio mp3
181) PH91-01   The Peace Offering PH91-01 Word Document PH91-01 Audio mp3
182) PH91-02   The Sin Offering and the Trespass Offering PH91-02 Word Document PH91-02 Audio mp3
183) PH92-01   Priesthood PH92-01 Word Document PH92-01 Audio mp3
184) PH92-02   The Melchizedek Priesthood PH92-02 Word Document PH92-02 Audio mp3
185) PH93-01   The Christian Priesthood PH93-01 Word Document PH93-01 Audio mp3
186) PH93-02   The Functions of the Christian Priesthood PH93-02 Word Document PH93-02 Audio mp3
187) PH94-01   Christian Sacrifices PH94-01 Word Document PH94-01 Audio mp3
188) PH94-02   The Sacrifice of Substance PH94-02 Word Document PH94-02 Audio mp3
Farewell to the Philippians - Philippians 4:20-23
189) PH95-01   A Doxology PH95-01 Word Document PH95-01 Audio mp3
190) PH95-02   Paul's Final Greetings PH95-02 Word Document PH95-02 Audio mp3