The Discipline of Nations


We continue now with section number seven on the Bible Doctrine of Warfare. I'd like to begin by reading an article. It's not too long, so I think I'll read the whole thing. It, interestingly enough, is a note which is to be sounded in the new Congress which is convened in the United States by Congressman John G. Schmitz of California. This is a rather strange note to be heard in the Congress of the United States, but it is a note which is absolutely in keeping with the doctrine of war as we have been studying it in the Scriptures:

"Some of the letters which it has been my pleasure to receive from constituents lately indicate that many who rightfully think we should have sought victory in Vietnam at the beginning of the conflict now feel that it is too late to win. This attitude is understandable given the uncertain and protracted nature of the conflict. It is easy to lose sight of a guiding principle that a nation must follow to maintain its existence as an independent state."

Here he is speaking about doctrine. A national entity preservation is number one in God's program.

"It is never too late to win a war, and it is never time to lose one. The Second World War lasted for four years. At no time during this conflict was there a widespread feeling that we should surrender or that it was too late to win. The psychological atmosphere was of course entirely different in all aspects. In the first place, everyone understood that we were going all out to defeat the enemy. The restraints which kept our forces from achieving quick victory were of a material nature rather than self-imposed restrictions making victory impossible.

"There was no wide-scale antiwar movement in the nation. Anyone parading around with the enemy flag would have been given prime time in prison, not on the public airwaves. No senator or congressman got up when the United States forces stormed ashore on those French beaches at Normandy, and denounced it disparagingly as provocative and a dangerous escalation of the conflict. Escalation in those days was looked upon as a good thing since it made the situation extremely dangerous for the enemy. We took the war to the enemy with increasing increments of force, and won. When efforts were made during the Second World War to release American men from enemy prison camps, hardly a soul denounced it as dangerous folly.

"Obviously there was a big difference between then and now. One factor however remained unchanged. It took us a number of years to defeat the enemy. It took time to win. We could not defeat the enemy immediately in World War II, but we did not have the material capability to do so, and matter must be allowed its rights in every war. During the Vietnam War, we have always had the material on hand in Southeast Asia to easily overthrow the enemy at any time that our will so disposed us to take the necessary steps, but the decision makers have not yet been so disposed. It is a different element of victory which we lack. But this should not be confused with an inability to win.

"At this point there is all the more reason to press for victory. Tens of thousands of Americans have died in Southeast Asia. Over 2 million men have actually been to the theater of war to meet the enemy. This does not even take into account the tremendous losses suffered by allies. We now have a number of men in enemy prison camps. Does anyone wish to leave these men there? The North Vietnamese communists have shown by word and deed that they are uncivilized barbarians who refuse even to honor the Geneva agreement relating to prisoners of war. Does anyone really want to surrender and sacrifice the object for which these men and others have paid so high a price?

Shall all these sacrifices have been in vain? Who is going to look the young men who have fought; the wives of the men who are left in enemy prisons; and, the wives and parents of men who have died in the face and say, 'Sorry, it was just too late to win?' I won't. The functional success of the prisoner of war rescue attempt--the operation got in and out only 20 miles from the enemy capital--showed the vulnerability of the enemy. It demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have the capability, if we use it, to successfully disorganize the enemy rear, North Vietnam, so he can no longer maintain his armies in neighboring territories.

"For those who might be concerned with their own safety, it might be well to note that the president's adviser in charge of national security affairs, Dr. Kissinger, has stated that he does not believe that there is the danger of a general war with the Soviet Union arising from anything we might do in Asia. If he is correct, we should act. The leadership decision to delay must not be allowed to push those who originally advocated victory into the camp of those who advocate surrender. If victory in 1965 was important, victory in 1971 is a national imperative. During the next session of Congress, I will continue to advocate that unmentionable option that was so familiar during World War II: victory. It is never too late to win. It is never time to surrender."

There's a congressman, for one reason or another, who's on the beam in relation to divine thinking on the doctrine of warfare.

We have established these principles from the Word of God thus far:

The Principles of Warfare

  1. War will always exist in human history.

  2. Just war is from God.

  3. Peace is established through the annihilation and decisive defeat of the enemy: unconditional surrender.

  4. Refusal to go to war is sometimes a sin. It is always the will of God to defend a national entity. It is against the will of God that nations should be under international controls.

  5. War is for adults. By Scripture, an adult was 20 years old and up. So if you have any option in the matter, don't send your under 20-year-old kids to combat. You're violating the Word of God if you do.

  6. War demands a battle courage and a moral strength. That comes from being oriented in your conscience, where your values and standards lie, to God's point of view, and that comes from knowing Bible doctrine.

  7. War requires a system of military training.

  8. War requires military leadership.

9. Peace Propaganda

Now we have number nine. Another principle to be found in the Word of God is that peace propaganda is a technique of war. Micah 3:5-7: "Thus said the lord concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth and cry, peace; and he that puts not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him." The prophets that make my people err are the religious leaders who are teaching human viewpoint. This is comparable today to the liberal clergymen which constitute the vast organization of the National Council of Churches. When he speaks about God's people erring, it means that he leads them away from God's truth. Today, if you listen to the National Council of Churches and the voice of liberal clergymen, you will notice a great similarity between that which they are calling upon the United States to do in reference to the conflict in Vietnam, and that which the communists are demanding of us. The program is almost identical. They bite with their teeth. That is, they do injury with their false and their unrealistic words.

What is the word they give people? Peace. Please remember that the two-fingered sign is the sign of a coward and the sign of a traitor. In World War II, the "V" meant "V" for victory. But when anybody goes around using that sign today, he is either an outright communist sympathizer or a dupe who doesn't realize what he's saying. The kind of peace that this symbol represents today is a surrender to the bestiality of the communist system which wants to destroy this national entity. One of the negative volitional responses I'm getting on this series is the suggestion that this is kind of political talk. Anybody who says that doesn't understand what the Bible has to teach concerning national entity. When we oppose communism, we oppose it on biblical grounds because communism is anti-nationalism. And communism is against the United States as a national entity with all the freedoms that this national entity provides to you. There's nothing political about that. That is your salvation and your preservation and your opportunity to know the Word of God.

So these false clergymen men cry, "Peace," which is exactly what's happening today. They demand of the United States a unilateral withdrawal and disarmament program, and withdrawal from Vietnam in order to lead the way in showing the world the road to love and brotherhood. A great man in the United States Congress, Congressman Mendel Rivers is now dead. Sadly, before his death recently, he made a speech in the House. Again I think this is what's happening in your Congress where the decisions are being made, and where some of you have expressed the wish that some of the things we're discovering in the Word of God were conveyed to the men who make the decisions. Here interestingly enough is a man who had some real insight that conformed to the Word of God, while the false clergymen say, "Get out of Vietnam. The United States just leave."

One paragraph of Representative River's speech says, "Regrettably, the leaders in the Kremlin are now evidently unimpressed by both our military capability and our national determination to survive. That our determination to survive is suspect requires no elaboration. The dissident voices in our nation, who would destroy the very fabric of our society, are being interpreted by the leaders in the Kremlin as the voices of the American people. This fact together with our evident unwillingness to support a defense establishment geared to national survival has created a very dangerous atmosphere in which the Soviet Union may be tempted into actions which can only ultimately result in a nuclear holocaust." Bible doctrine says that by the defeat, the annihilation, and the decisive defeat of the enemy, you create peace. Bible doctrine says that by military training and preparedness, you maintain peace. That's exactly what the representative is saying.

We have people today who say the way you're going to have peace is if you just quit fighting in Vietnam. Nothing could be further from the truth. The United States is attacked as if we were the cause of the war in Indochina. We have a bunch of weirdos in the senior high schools here in Dallas who this week, because they have won a court decision, are planning to come to school wearing black armbands. Superintendent Estes of the Dallas public schools says they still can't do it because all of the legal processes have not been completed exploring this question. They're going to wear black armbands in several of the high schools in protest for the fact that the United States is in Vietnam, treating the country as if we were the aggressor, as if we were there because we were looking for something--some conquest. They ignore the fact completely that the only reason we're there is because the communists came first as aggressors, and we went to people who said, "Give us a hand on this side of the river, because our freedom is your freedom. That's Bible doctrine. That's exactly what Moses did with Reuben and Gad on the other side of the Jordan.

So we have people who are attacking us. The communist always manipulates the sincere liberal with peace propaganda because it's a technique of warfare. Representative Rivers also says, "I cannot overemphasize the seriousness of this situation. Yet, I know that there are people in the Congress of the United States who will say, 'So what?' I can only warn the members of this house that we are on the brink of disaster, and I have never before been so concerned in all the years that I have served in the Congress of the United States. We must therefore acknowledge the fact that our naval vessels are today simply not capable of discharging their wartime mission requirements if called upon to do so." He has just previously indicated the disparity which now exists between American naval forces and the superior position of the Soviet Union.

Scripture says that these who "Cry peace, that put it not into their mouths" (meaning that if you don't respond to the kind of peace, which in communist terms means a communist dominated world), then they proceed (at the end verse 5), they prepare war against him." Peace is a technique to lull you into security, into a defenseless position, and then to hit you when it is advantageous and almost certain that the enemy can win. So the nation is exposed to destruction if it's lulled into this kind of false ideal in security.

Another statement by Representative Rivers: "Regrettably, we are once again confronted with a crises of the same gravity (referring to what happened in the Cuba situation) despite the rhetoric which we may hear on the subject. We cannot live with this new Soviet threat at our very doorstep (which has now been erected in Cuba). We cannot permit the cities of the Eastern seaboard to become hostages of the Soviet Union. We must take every diplomatic, and if necessary military, step to excise this cancer from the body of the Western Hemisphere. We must do it quickly and decisively if we are to maintain some shred of credibility as a world power, and the American people are willing to accept any action to accomplish this end.

"You are eyewitnesses to the rise of Soviet sea power which is inexorably pushing us out of the Mediterranean. It is now firmly entrenched in the Indian Ocean, and is now established in the Caribbean. And yet, there may still be some among you who would deny additional funds to rebuild our navy which is fast becoming a second-rate naval power. The Soviets learned their lesson from the blockade we threw around Cuba. Why is it that they have learned their lesson so well while our memories remain so short? Mark my words well. One of these fine mornings, we are going to be told by the Russians in the most unmistakable terms to get out of the Mediterranean. In 1962, we had the power, and the Soviet Union knew it, to reject such a challenge. I can tell you today that we do not have superiority. The Soviets know it. It is high time the American people knew this bitter fact of life and start worrying about its implications.

"Put it not into their mouth." The time will come when those who shout peace, and we do not put into their mouths what they want, they will then make war on us, because peace is a technique for war.

Again Representative Rivers says (just to show you what insanity resides even in the Congress of the United States), "There are only two areas in our whole national security program in which we may have a superiority as yet unchallenged. We are the only nation that is building attack aircraft carriers. So the argument is made that, since the Soviets do not have carriers, we should not build any more, or we should lay up those that we have. To some, it is a crime for the United States to be ahead of the Soviets in any area.

"Then there is the Multiple Independently-targeted Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV). We are now deploying the MIRV, and in this area we appear to be ahead of the Soviets. For this very reason, there are those who would eliminate any further deployment of MIRVs and even remove those already deployed. The rationale is that we would appease the Soviets, and would lead them to the conclusion that we have no aggressive plans. And while this type of specious reasoning is being propagandized throughout the United States, the Soviets continue to increase their deployments of the most powerful ICBM ever constructed, the SS9.

"I say to this House that the future of the nation hangs by a thread. We are in a far more serious situation than many would have you believe. Our way of life is not only being challenge from within. It is being very definitely threatened from without. Yet (and get this), sincere conscientious people of good will look you straight in the eye and say, 'We must solve all of our domestic problems with the money we are using for national defense because we are really not threatened from without, or the threat from without is far less serious than the threat from within.'

"How often have you heard groups which are eager for the national money for one cause another (and they may be for good causes), who are looking you in the eye and saying, 'We've got to get over this idea that communism is a threat to this nation and that we have anything to fear. If we'll just act peaceful, they'll all be nice.' Scoff if you will. Laugh if you wish. But it is your children and your grandchildren who will pay the penalty for your timidity or your naiveté." So while championing peace, world communism goes full speed ahead in its preparation to destroy this nation.

Representative Rivers says, "Can anyone consider this anything but an obvious effort to get the Soviet Union an insurmountable advantage in strategic weaponry over the United States before the conclusion of the SALT talks (the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks)?" He goes on to point out that the Soviet Union has been extremely cooperative. "Our people in our State Department are wondering, 'Why are the Russians so cooperative with the talks? They've just been the nicest greatest guys you could ever ask for. Great progress is being made.' And some of the Americans are beginning to smell something in the bush. And what they begin to suspect is that because of the superiority of the Soviet Union in strategic weaponry at this point, this is the time they want to freeze, and say, 'You don't make any more weapons, and we won't make any more weapons.' What a deal that would be. Yet, our commentators are telling us in glowing terms what wonderful progress is being made and what great things are being done in the SALT talks."

Representative Rivers says, "I pray to God that the American people and the Congress in particular will soon awaken to these realities and recognize that the question confronting us is no longer one involving the relative allocation of priorities in spending between defense and domestic programs, but rather the fundamental question of national survival. These people who are shouting for us to spend more money on their domestic needs may not have any domestic needs to have to be taken care of."

One more final quote: The communist peace movements are always a prelude to acts of aggression, and the gullible believe them. Every communist country in this world has a plan to help destroy the national entity of the United States of America. Representative Rivers concluded this address in Congress with this paragraph:

"These are the facts that confront our president, our Congress, and our defense planners. These are the facts which reflect the prophetic wisdom of an observation once made by a gentleman by the name of Mr. Richard M. Nixon when he said, 'If present trends continue, the United States, a very few years hence will find itself clearly in second position, with the Soviet Union indisputably the greatest military power on earth.'" Representative Rivers concludes by saying, "I'm afraid that that day has already arrived."

So, Micah 3:5 is a very apropos passage to our day: "Thus says the Lord concerning the prophet that make my people err. They bite their teeth and they cry peace, and he that puts not into their mouth, they even prepare against him." In verse 6, here is the dark night of defeat. The nation, listening to its liberals, moves into confusion. The blind leading the blind. "Therefore night shall be unto you, that you shall not have a vision, and it shall be dark unto you, that you shall not divine (or discern); and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them." Liberal disorientation is rampant in this land in every area of our life. It's in the pulpits; the government; and, the colleges, and the doves and peaceniks are to be found everywhere.

Now the Word of God says that the destiny of these who cried peace is to be discredited. Micah 3:7: "Then shall the seers (these false prophets and liberal preachers) be ashamed, and the diviners confounded; yea, they shall all cover their lips (which is a euphemistic way of saying they're going to all shut their mouths, because they're going to be proven so disastrously wrong that they won't have anything more to say. They will cover their lips. And the enemy is going to help them shut their mouths.); for there is no answer from God." Up to now, they've been standing up because they've been preachers.

There are some people who are so ignorant in this land today that if somebody has the title of preacher and he stands up and says something, it's automatically something you should believe. It's automatically something you should give respect to, and listen without discerning where the authority behind the remarks comes from. We have a lot of mealy-mouthed preachers who don't stand up and sound off to people so that God's people know how it really is, and where their destinies are really moving, and who often will preach the Word of God in such a delightful way that nobody is offended by it. This means that people are never exposed so they can see themselves in their lives and where they're going. But God says there will be no answer from Him through this source. They'll have no message. All they have delivered is human viewpoint.

Communism uses peace propaganda as an instrument of war. It takes dupes and soldiers to make it succeed, and we have plenty of these. Patriotism and love of the flag are ridiculed in order that we may undermine our sense of national purpose and destiny. So Communism tries to pervert the minds of our youth today in one way or another. If we were ever faced with a World War II situation, it is the young people that have to form the basic backbone of the military force. Communism has very astutely concluded (this was one of Joe Stalin's great contributions to the communist movement) that they must destroy the minds and disorient the loyalties of young people in the nation. I'm not so sure that we have not gone so far in this country that we could never feel a substantial military force in an all-out conflict. Peace propaganda is a technique of war.

10. National Discipline

Let's look at one more principle of warfare. War is used by God for national discipline. National apostasy always precedes God's divine judgment upon a nation. First, a nation leaves God's point of view, and then it comes into judgment. In Judges 5:8, in describing Israel, God says, "They chose new gods. (That's apostasy from divine truth by an act of their own volition.) Then was war in the gates. (God punishes with an invasion and military conquest. And the question was why did this happen?) Was there a shield or spear seen among 40,000 in Israel?" And the answer is no. There wasn't a shield or a spear among forty thousand. Military preparation had been neglected or neutralized. This is the age of apostasy, and here the United States is leading us down the same road. It's a very dangerous thing when a nation swings away from God's morality and from God's Word.

2 Chronicles 16:9: "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him. Herein you have done foolishly. Therefore from henceforth you shall have wars." The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth. God continually surveys the people of all nations. For what reason? To show Himself strong. He acts as protector of certain nations. Which ones? "For whose heart is perfect toward Him." To have a perfect heart means you have a conscience, which is the word "heart" here, oriented to God's viewpoint in your values and your standards. "Now herein," He says to His people, "you have done foolishly." And herein, He may say to the United States of America, "You have done foolishly," because we have not oriented ourselves to God's thinking. So we have invited wars.

The Bible tells us that mature Christians, in Matthew 5:13, are called salt. In the ancient world, salt was used as a preservative, so that's behind the meaning of this verse. Matthew 5:13 says, "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt has lost its savor (or preserving quality), wherewith shall it be preserved? It is therefore good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under the foot of men." And mature Christians in any nation are salt that preserve the nation. To reject the Word of God is to have done foolishly, and that brings wars of discipline. Not all believers, unfortunately, are salt, but those who are, are the key to a nation's survival. The United States has deserved a far worse fate than it has yet experience. The reason it has not experienced that is because it has a vast number of people who have God's point of view, who yet preserve as salt within this national entity.

Now women come under a particular discipline when God judges a nation with war. Here's a little prophetic preview for you ladies who would like to know what's ahead for you if the national trend continues; the day finally comes when the liberal voices have their day; the radical students come into their own; and, the United States of America moves into the fold of communist domination. The fate of women under national discipline. Isaiah 3:16: "Moreover the Lord said, "Because the Daughters of Zion are haughty." And this is leading down, incidentally, to verse 25, where "Your men shall fall by the sword, and your mighty in war."

The context here is what happens when God disciplines with war. These women were haughty. This was the mental attitude sin of pride. Because they had pride, it destroyed their conscience. Therefore, they had lost their values and standards. So these women are haughty, and a haughty mind is a result of lack of God's viewpoint and lack of information from the Word of God. That's exactly what a nation who is under the discipline of God is suffering from--a lack of God's viewpoint. So these women have been haughty, and they "walk with stretched-forth necks," which means, we would say, they walk with their noses up in the air. They demonstrate by the way they walk how proud they are.

Then it says they have "wanton eyes," that is, they flirt, they wink, and they have suggestion eyeballs. They walk with a "walking and mincing as they go." Now, "walking and mincing" means they walk with short sexy steps to call attention to themselves. That's what mincing is. And, they make "a tinkling with feet." That is, they wear ankle rings, and these have little bells on them. They clink along so that you notice them. Sometimes the girls do this at Christmas time. They wear little bells on their shoes, and everywhere they walk, they clink. It's a device to call attention. So do you get the picture?

Here's this woman. She's elegant. She's proud. She's heard this stupid preacher talk about the authority of the Word of God; what God does with war; how God disciplines a nation; and, national entity. And she has listened to these smooth, oily, sophisticated, liberal preachers all over town with vast churches and vast congregations which supposedly proved that they had the mind of God. They know that life is sweeter and better and nicer than all that. So their haughtiness and their pride has blinded their eyes to God's word. So their consciences are rubbed out, and they find it easy to walk around in their pride. Every now and then, it's almost staggering to read this Scripture and look at some women and see how they walk around with their noses in the air like they're smelling a bad odor. And, as I told you before, they make you feel like you're what they smell. They walk around and add their short mincing sexy steps, and their clever little cute eyes, and the tinkling sound so that you notice them as they pass by, and whatever else they use. You can multiply this. The idea is that you leave a trail of awareness behind you.

Now, verse 13 takes up the discipline of these apostate women by war. Therefore, the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion." She gets hit with disease, and that doesn't look too good to have scabs on your head. "And the Lord will uncover their secret parts." (The word "discovery" should be "uncover".) "The Lord will uncover their secret parts." In the Hebrew, this means that she will be physically abused, raped, by the conquerors. "In that day the Lord will take away glamor of their tinkling anklets, and their headbands, and their crescents (or necklaces) like the moon, the pendants, and the bracelets, and the veils." All of these accoutrements of beauty and of attractiveness. Verse 20 includes the headdresses, the ankle chains, the sashes, the perfume boxes, the amulets, the rings on the fingers, the nose rings, the festival robes, the mantles, the cloaks, the handbags, the hand mirrors, the wrappers, the turbans, and the veils."

Do you get the picture? This is class. This is style. This is a hearty proud arrogant woman who has plenty of economic accessibility, and she uses it to doll herself up in her outward appearance. Now, she has been arrogant toward the doctrine of warfare. God says, "This is how she presents herself." He's already told what devastating physical experience she will have. Now verse 24 sums it up for you: "And it shall come to pass that instead of sweet fragrance (of her perfume), there should be rottenness (or the stench of death) about her. And instead of a girdle, there will be a tear (as the result of the physical attack upon her). Instead of well set hair, she will have baldness (where her hair has been snatched up by the roots, perhaps as she struggled against her attackers). And instead of a festival robe, a girding of sackcloth (the dress of slavery). And a branding (or a scarring) instead of beauty."

Now, why all of this? Because verse 25 tells you what happened to her protectors: "Your men shall fall by the sword, and your mighty in the war. and her gates shall lament and mourn, and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground," which is an expression for sitting abandoned, maltreated, and enslaved as she sits in the dark as a destroyed creature at the invaders.

So if your nation comes under discipline, you've get something to look forward to. The interesting thing about this passage is that every place in the world that communism has invaded a people who have resisted them, this has been the experience of the women. So if you want to march for something, ladies, it would be wise for you to start marching for some righteousness and for some military preparedness. And instead of weakening the mental attitude of your men toward facing military service and maybe combat, it would be to your wisdom and to your alignment with the Word of God to strengthen them and to encourage them in this which is God's call, leaving them under the protective providence of God as His will may work out in their lives.

One passage more. War used by God for national discipline. In Jeremiah 4:19, we have the analogy of national destruction to the fall of Satan when he was originally cast out of the presence of God after his sin in heaven: "My distress, my distress. I am pain at my very heart. My heart makes a noise in me (the cry of an anguished man when God uses war to discipline a nation). I cannot hold my peace (no stability in the face of the enemy) because you have heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war." Here is the tide of defeat. Verse 20: "Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled. Suddenly are my tents spoiled, and my curtains in a moment. How long shall I see the standard, and hear the sound of a trumpet?"

What's the reason for this military defeat? Verse 22: "For my people are foolish. They have not known Me (no divine viewpoint); they are stupid children (in their actions because they had no divine viewpoint), and they have no understanding. (They lack a divine conscience. They lack God's standards and values in their conscience, which is the understanding here, the guidance of their thinking.) They are wise to do evil (They have plenty of human viewpoint from their liberal preachers, politicians, and college professors), but to do good (divine good) they have no knowledge." They have no information, and it takes the right information to be able to do God's will.

So here's a comparison of the discipline of war to the original catastrophe of Satan's being cast out of heaven. Verse 23: "I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, and they had no light." This beautiful earth that God originally created was destroyed by Satan's entrance into it. "I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce anger. For thus has the Lord said, the whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end. For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black; because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it. The whole city shall flee for the noise of the horseman and bowmen; they shall go into thickets (the advancing armies), and climb up upon the rocks: every city shall be forsaken, and not a man shall dwell in them."

Now when this kind of devastation of an invading army comes as national discipline, what hope for the women? Verse 30: "And when you are spoiled, what will you do?" You who are spoiled, what are you going to do at this time? Well, some women think this: "The enemy is here. I've got to survive. I've got to live some way. My protectors are gone, so I'm going to reach out, and I'm going to appeal to the enemy. I'm going to survive somehow. "Though you clothe yourself with crimson, though you deck yourself with ornaments of gold, though you enlarge your eyes with paint, in vain shall you make yourself fair; your lovers will despise you, they will seek your life."

It's useless to try appeal to the enemy with your physical attraction at that time. They're going to seek to abuse you and to take your life. World War II demonstrated that in a very grievous way as the conquering armies of Hitler moved through Europe. Nothing left. But in verse 31 are the screams of agony: "For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail, and the anguish of her that brings forth her first child, the voice of the daughter of Zion, that bewails herself, that spreads her hands saying, 'Woe is me now! For my soul is wearied because of murderers.'" This is a very sobering picture of the destiny of women in national disaster.

So we have a nation of hippies; yippies; student radicals; draft card burners; draft dodgers who move to Canada; and, cowards, and that's the hope of the women of America. Black arm bands on high school students are the promise of future for you. Political dogs in our Congress who don't want to get the enemy mad at us are the promise of future for you. People who desecrate the flag, in one way or another, are preparing the future for you. Here are two sobering doctrines. And you better believe them, because God has spoken and He is not kidding.

Nation after nation has cycled itself down to the point where there was not enough salt left, not enough spiritual salt left to preserve it, and then God has moved in with military destruction. You just have to pick up a history book and start reading, and you'll see how nations have come on the scene with tremendous strength and great moral ideals, and as they deteriorated, they finally came to the point where God removed them through military conquest. When that happens, the women experience exactly what the women of Israel experienced in the Old Testament. We have said that peace propaganda is a technique of war. We have said that war is used by God for national discipline.

Dr. John E. Danish, 1970

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