Christian Service and Human Government

1) GV-1A The Purpose of God GV1A Word Document GV-1A Audio mp3
2) GV-1B The Constitution GV1B Word Document GV-1B Audio mp3
3) GV-2A Christian Persecution GV2A Word Document GV-2A Audio mp3
4) GV-2B Government Restraint in the Ten Commandments GV2B Word Document GV-2B Audio mp3
5) GV-3A Religious Freedom in the United States GV3A Word Document GV-3A Audio mp3
6) GV-3B Civil Disobedience GV3B Word Document GV-3B Audio mp3
7) GV-4A The Christian Approach to Government GV4A Word Document GV-4A Audio mp3
8) GV-4B America Today GV4B Word Document GV-4B Audio mp3