Basic Bible
The Techniques of
the Christian Life
Marriage Christian Service and
Human Government
The Bible Doctrine
of Warfare
Is it Wrong?
Unborn Black
Lives Matter
Is Killing
Ever Right?
Living the
Christian Life

Christian Service and Human Government

1) GV-1A The Purpose of God GV1A Word Document GV-1A Audio mp3
2) GV-1B The Constitution GV1B Word Document GV-1B Audio mp3
3) GV-2A Christian Persecution GV2A Word Document GV-2A Audio mp3
4) GV-2B Government Restraint in the Ten Commandments GV2B Word Document GV-2B Audio mp3
5) GV-3A Religious Freedom in the United States GV3A Word Document GV-3A Audio mp3
6) GV-3B Civil Disobedience GV3B Word Document GV-3B Audio mp3
7) GV-4A The Christian Approach to Government GV4A Word Document GV-4A Audio mp3
8) GV-4B America Today GV4B Word Document GV-4B Audio mp3