The Demonic World


The feelers have been coming from all directions this past week, relative to the subject of demonic activity. We’re getting calls from one of our college groups that has run into the tongues movement, with the Jesus-people group, which is often characteristic of doctrinally uninformed disoriented groups. They heard about one fellow on the campus who had a leg that was shorter than the other leg. They went to one of the Jesus-people meetings and they went to one of the healing segments. And as some of the college students stood around, and they prayed over this leg, they say the leg get longer.

I have sent agents to check on the college campus, whether he is now walking without a limp, and whether the leg is still purportedly lengthened. They sat and they listened to tongues, and they asked me about my advice about a plan to test the thing. They were going to set one of their members up to learn some gibberish, and throw in a few Greek words, and see if someone would stand up and interpret. They looked around their group to see who was the most ecstatic type, but his initials are “David Sparks.” They set him up to pull the thing off, and I suggested to them that they were already informed enough by the very things they told me to know that they were dealing with demonic, and when you deal with something demonic, you want stay clear of it and not play games with it.

I will not regale you examples as we begin this morning the segment of study concerning the demonic world. We could spend quite a few Sundays on just the most fantastic examples of every kind—some within the realm of your own experience. Unless you’ve been in a Pentecostal meeting, you don’t quite have a feel of what it is to be in the presence of real hardcore demonic activity, and you have to understand that we are talking about realities. You can take a book like that concerning Bishop Pike…, and there you have a classic example of the demonic invasion here of a religious leader in the Episcopal Church who had increasingly rejected Bible doctrine, and who exposed himself to the most fantastic kind of demonic invasion. On one occasion while he was preaching in New York, one of the mediums, another preacher who sat out in the audience, told him afterwards that as he spoke there appeared on one side of him his suicide son, and on the other side the son’s maternal grandfather who had psychic powers of one kind or another.

We’re going to talk about demonic activity. This morning is going to be introduction, so get your pencil and papers. We’re going to fly a lot of material at you that’s going to be basic. We will not delve extensively into illustrations on demonic activity. We will let you take care of that on your own. We are going to look into what the Bible has to say concerning the very real spirit world.

We have already learned that Satan has gone on negative volition toward the Word of God. A second will entered the universe, and we had that described in Isaiah 14. He decided to usurp God’s throne and God’s authority. For him to do this, it was necessary for Satan to bring the angelic creation under his control, for Satan is not omnipresent, he is not omnipotent, and in order for him to control the universe, it is necessary for him to have agents to assist him, under his control. So, Satan appealed to all of the angels that God had created. He appealed to them to rebel against the Lord God. Revelation 12:4 indicates to us that a third of the angelic hosts went negative and accepted Satan’s appeal, and rebelled against God.

Revelation 12:4 speaks about stars. The word “stars” in Scripture is a symbol for angels, as in Job 38:7 where the morning “star” sang at creation, in praise of what he saw God doing. Thus began what we call an angelic warfare in the unseen world against God. So point number one to understand this morning is that there is an angelic warfare that is invisible to our natural eyes which is taking place every moment of every day. This test of volition for the angels apparently was the point of determining angelic destiny—their salvation, so to speak. Just as you and I, when we come to a point of God consciousness, must make a positive or negative reaction toward the fact that there is a God out there; just as everybody, (even) the most darkened heathen, comes to a point of God consciousness. That’s why everybody has a chance to be saved, and always has had a chance to be saved.

There comes a time in a man’s and a woman’s life, from sources that God directs toward us, he becomes aware that there’s a God out there. At that point, he goes negative or positive to that truth, and then God goes beyond that. If that person reacts positively to that awareness that there’s a god out there, then God brings him the information of the gospel. Once you have the information of the gospel, you go positive or negative toward that information, and your destiny is sealed.

Apparently, with the angels, at the point of their appeal from Satan to join him in rebellion against God, this was a point of determining them salvation which placed them in the elect or lost category. However, we notice in Matthew 25:41 that God indicates to us that He created a place called the lake of fire. The grammar here is in the Greek perfect tense, which means got did it out there, way in the past before man was ever on the scene, and it continues on. We notice that while God judged these angels who rebelled against him along with Satan, that the sentence was not executed. The sentence was, “You are doomed, and you will be placed in the lake of fire for all eternity.” This was true of Satan and his angels, the demons. But the sentence was not executed.

As a matter of fact, as you search through the Scriptures you will discover that it is not until Revelation 20:10, at the end of the millennium that Satan and his angels are finally put into the lake of fire. So, here you have the condition that out here God created the angels. They rebelled against Him. God brought them before Him and passed judgment. They were doomed to the lake of fire which God created. But then something happens and they’re not put into it. Instead, all of the history of man takes place before the demons are put into the lake of fire. That raises the question: Why the delay? And we draw a certain deduction from the delay.

Satan faced God and said, “You mean to tell me that You who have all the power of the universe, and who have created us, and who is purportedly in your essence a god of love, and a god of justice, are going to put your creatures into a place where we will experience conscious fire torment, night and day, for the rest of all eternity?” And angels can’t die. What kind of a god of love is that? What kind of a god of fairness and justice is that? Is that right?

It’s not too hard for us to conclude that Satan would have said that because he has people saying that today. There are people everywhere who are constantly saying today (and they get it from the devil), “That’s not a very loving god. That’s not very just and fair. That’s kind of horrible, to think of putting a human being into a lake of fire forever.” If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone National Park and stood by one of those hot pools and saw that water bubbling up, with steam behind them where the things are gushing up and banging, and you can hear the thundering. Can you imagine falling into something like that? And you’re there forever. You can’t die. You’re fully conscious of every ounce of pain.

It would seem that God says, “I will demonstrate to you and to all intelligent created beings that I am a god of love and that I am a god of justice.” So, God moved back into the earth that Satan had brought into a chaotic condition. God moved it out from under the ice age. He recreated it during a six-day period. In it, he placed a new creature, man, who in the order of creation was little lower than the angels. God’s creative order was: Number one, angels; then number two, in category, was man; and, under man is another group, animals. This is the order of God’s creation. So God says, “I’m going to take a creature who is less than the angels, but he has one thing in common with the angels—he has volition. He has ability to make choices. And I’m going to put this man into a perfect environment.”

In time, as you know, Satan led man into sin. He led man to exercise negative volition toward God and toward the command of God, toward the Word of God concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Consequently, man fell into sin He came under the control of Satan through the old sin nature. All of creation which man controlled now fell into Satan’s control. Satan consequently proceeded to try to create a perfect environment on the earth.

God in grace moved into this disastrous scene. We saw from Genesis 3:15 that He promised to send the seed of the woman, who was Jesus Christ, who would give a mortal blow to Satan’s domination and control over man, and would free us from the slave market of sin. Jesus Christ came in and did that. Now, it is possible for a sinner, of the vilest kind, to enter heaven. How is that possible? A god of justice says, “I must judge sin. I can’t excuse sin.” A god of love cannot say, “I’ll love you in spite of your sin.” That violates the character of God.

It is because Jesus Christ, in His spiritual death upon the cross bore our spiritual death, bore our sins, and consequently, the justice of God has been satisfied. This, you will recall, from our earliest studies, is the doctrine of propitiation—the satisfaction of the justice of God and the righteousness of God. Now God is free to exercise His love toward anybody who will come along and say, “Yes,” to the gospel; to anybody who comes along and says, “I believe it. I receive that Christ as my savior, as my substitute.” And God can pour out the infinite love that He has for us, and do everything that He wants to do for us, and yet He is just—He is perfectly righteous. It is the great demonstration to all of the universe of that which Satan challenged in God—His love and His justice.

This is why the Scriptures tell us that every time a person is born again, every time a person sits under the hearing of the gospel, and in the process of hearing that Christ died for him, in his heart, he says, “I believe that. I accept that;” there’s a great magnificent cheer (that) goes up from the elect angels, because it is another demonstration and another proof that God is love, and that God is just.

So, apparently the sentence was delayed in its execution while the history of man is being carried out, and God’s essence is being vindicated before all the universe. If you have not yet, in the process of your witnessing, run into this argument, you probably will. “How can a god of love, a god of justice, send people to a place like hell?” He can do it, and must do it, but He is fair in His doing of that because there is a way out. If a person goes there, it is because he has chosen to do so.

So, salvation was provided. Jesus Christ ascended and went back to heaven. Psalm 110:1 tells us that He has been told to sit at the right hand of God the Father until His enemies are made His footstool. The enemies of Jesus Christ are Satan and the demonic hosts, and the Lord is beyond the attack of Satan now.

So, Satan and the demons are confronted with this situation. There is a man in heaven, a man-God Jesus Christ, who now sits above the angels. We’re told He’s above all principalities and powers. Every believer who is in Christ, by faith in Christ, now positionally sits above the angels. Someday we will be in reality above angels. Now we are positionally above them. Satan is confronted that there is now a man of the Homosapiens category, that he led into sin in the first place, who now sits above all of mankind. And this man is sitting there until such time until Satan and his demons are brought into a conquered position, and the foot of Jesus Christ stands on them as conqueror.

Satan says, “We (must) do something about this. We can’t get at the God-man in heaven, but in the meantime, there is being formed on earth His body. And the God-man is going to come back and set project footstool into motion at the moment that the last believer is saved. And, we have some reason, perhaps, to believe that there will be as many believers saved as demons who rebelled against God, because it is the believers, with the returned Christ, who remove satanic influence from this earth at the millennium. It would seem, perhaps, that one believer is going to remove one demon from the planet.

In any event, Satan says, “We will strike at the individual believer. We will counterfeit everything that God is doing. We will in every way stifle their witness. We will hold back conversions. We will hold back Christian activity. We will stifle and discourage people in their service. We will hold back finances. We will throw every obstacle we can through every expression of Christian activity, and we will frustrate the plan of God in project footstool.”

Now you have to understand that this is what is taking place in the world today in which you move. The (parties) who are involved in this are the demonic hosts. It is the demons who are out to get you. It is Satan who is directing this activity every moment of your waking hours. At the Second Advent, we read in Colossians 2:15, Jesus Christ is going to neutralize the angelic enemies. He’s going to lead them in triumph, in a triumphal parade. He’s going to remove them during the millennium period. The church, therefore, is living in what we can call the intensified period of the angelic warfare. Time is running out for the satanic hosts. You and I are living in the intensified period of the angelic warfare. Satan’s attack is directed against you.

We have gone for many many weeks explaining your defenses against it—the spiritual maturity structure of your soul. If you missed, that we suggest you check up in the tape room and say, “Get me started on that series of tapes that explains how to grow to spiritual maturity. That’s your only defense. You are absolutely nothing. You are absolutely hopeless in the spiritual life. You will squander your life. If you can shed tears in heaven, you will shed more tears over the fact that you neglected building yourself up into a spiritually mature believer. For all eternity, you’ll regret that. It directly affects your rewards in heaven. I would strongly urge you not to let that slip through your fingers. If you do not know what constitutes the facets of spiritual maturity, and how to proceed to develop them, then get those tapes and get yourself briefed. This is your only defense against the demons who are attacking you. Satan wants to frustrate the plan of God by neutralizing you who are composing His body.

Now Satan is directing this escalated intensified warfare through the demons. The demons, you understand, are angels. Angels do exist. Angels never die. There are elect angels and there are evil angels. Angels have certain qualities of soul. They have minds. They have wills. They have emotions. They have a certain sense of conscience. They were all created by Jesus Christ, apparently at one time (Colossians 1:16). Angels have a form of some kind which you might call a body. It’s in the form of a light substance. It is real, but it is invisible. They have speech, and they are not limited by time or spaced. They have fantastic powers. They have fantastic understand and intelligence. A fantastic amount of information resides in the demonic realm. As a matter of fact, the demons have excellent computer systems. They keep extensive records on every individual believer, and on some of you more than others.

The angels are above man in the order of creation; animals are below. Christians are now positionally above angels. The reason angels are invisible to the human eye is because, Colossians 2:18 indicates, if they were seen, we would worship them. You might say, “Well, I wouldn’t.” But I want to remind you that the great apostle John, which was the closest man of all the apostolic group to the Lord Jesus himself, when he saw an angel (Revelation 22), that’s exactly what he did. He fell down and started worshipping him.

(Understand that there are angels) in this room now. Elect angels are here, present in this service because they want to learn things, and that’s how they learn things, by observing Christians. And maybe they learn some things they shouldn’t. They’re learning things. They’re seeking to learn the things that are to the glory of God. And the demons are here too, elbowing their way around. (But if you were to see) all the angels that are in this room now, you would be terribly distracted from listening to what I have to say, among other things. So they’re not visible to us.

Angels have various ranks; four or five different specific ranks—military like ranks of angels (Colossians 1:16, Ephesians 6:12). Their power is according to their rank. The archangel is a top category, and (there are) very few (maybe only two) in that category. The demons, because they are unseen, are a very difficult enemy to deal with. Though they are demons, they retain all their ability, their power and their wisdom that they had before they sinned.

So, the Christian is surrounded every day an every hour by the demons. Satan is not omnipresent so he works through demons. We have certain evidences that we are living in the intensified stage of the angelic warfare. The evidences of mounting demonic activity:

The first evidence of mounting demonic activity is speaking in tongues. This is one of the first and primary evidences that we have entered the intensified stage of this warfare. Part of the demonic counterattack in the angelic warfare is to counterfeit all that God is doing, with the idea of dooming project footstool. Part of the thing he counterfeits is the gift of tongues. Demons are trying to frustrate God’s plan against them by promoting religion. Tongues serves religion. Remember, religion is not of God. Religion is of the devil. God produces faith, Christianity. The participants in tongues are the kind of pathetic people who think they’re having a rich spiritual experience with God. But the tongues are always a sign of carnality, and of broken fellowship.

I have been interested to observe that other people who have attended tongues meetings have so consistently observed a factor that struck me. That is the quality that almost permeates the atmosphere of sensual carnality. It is a strange thing. You can feel it all around you. I was in a tongues meeting once in Fair Park auditorium. A great nationally known healer was there. They were lining up people to heal. Suddenly, right behind me, a man started spurting blood out of his mouth. He was having a heart attack. People were around him, praying, commanding him to be healed. There he was, nobody making a move to do anything. So, my wife finally got up and walked down to the front. Here’s this place filled with hundreds of people, and she decides to walk down to the front up onto the platform. She said to the speaker, “There’s a man here having a heart attack. Unless you do something soon, you’re going to have the chance of your lifetime to raise somebody from the dead.”

I saw that fellow walk up to the microphone and say, “Everybody stand for a word of prayer.” And … the meeting was hot, and going, and jumping. And everybody was standing up there, and people were shouting something in tongues, and somebody here was answering something. This guy would speak for three minutes, and this guy would answer in fifteen seconds what the translation was. Things were popping all over, and people were coming up, and they were commanding them to be healed, and everybody was going down believing they were sealed—usually still with all their disease, but sometimes not—sometimes healed. We’ll get to that too.

He just stood up, and he called everybody up there and silenced that Fair Park auditorium, hundreds of people there. They had a word of prayer, zapped it down, and closed it down. They grabbed that fellow and took him out to the car, and I tailed right after them. They shoved him in the car, and the healer came and put his hand on his chest and said, “I’m going to pray for you now. I command you in the name of Jesus to be healed. I believe your heart is alright. I believe you’re healed.” This fellow looked at him, just a groggy and sick-looking and desperate as he could be, while this joker was telling him to have faith because he was healed. Well that broke up the healing meeting in a hurry.

Any association with tongues has upon it this sensual carnality disassociated from a true expression from the workings of the spirit of God. Yet the participants think they are having a great and wonderful rich experience in fellowship with God. It is strictly of Satan. Any believer or any unbeliever who is practicing tongues today—which is gibberish and not languages anyhow—but even if it were true genuine languages, if he’s practicing it today, he’s a dupe of his majesty the devil. And get that point straight. It is one of the great evidences of the intensified stage of this warfare.

Those who are sucked into this are, of course, sincere people, but you will also find out, as I regularly inquire when I run into groups that do this, like the “Jesus people,” you will find out pretty regularly that they are doctrinally disoriented. They don’t have a modicum of understanding of Bible doctrine, and this is the prime reason they are patsies for this kind of delusion on the part of Satan. They are spiritually neutralized. They are sucked into the production of human good, which all the world applauds, and says, “Wonderful.” Through human good actions, like smiling, and saying nice things, and doing nice things, all the world applauds it, “Wonderful people.”

If you start playing that kind of a game, dear friend, and you’re going to become a prime patsy for his majesty the devil. If there’s anything we need to learn, it is that doctrine is the starting point of judging experience. We do not judge the Word of God by our experience. Some of you may be tempted to come up and share with us the experience of your Uncle Sam or Aunt Suzie who had a wonderful experience of speaking in tongues, or healing, or something like that. Well, I know from doctrine that whatever your friends or relatives experienced, it was of his majesty the devil. If tongues are associated with it, it is not of God. It is of Satan.

Since August of 70 A.D., when Jerusalem fell and entered the fifth stage of discipline, (there has been) no genuine expression of the gift of tongues. The question of attending tongues meetings came up when some of our college students asked, and the advice is to stay away. Anytime you are around something where Satan is working, you are exposing yourself to trouble. Don’t think you can go in and con the group because Satan and the demons know what you’re doing. Some people have tried that, only to discover that the people stood up and said, “There is an alien spirit among us tonight.” This made them think all the more that God was in this. Well, the devil was going up to the leader and saying, “Hey, you’ve got one of those smart-alec college students there. He’s going to try to pull something on you.” And the response is, “Oh, is that right? Well, OK.” And he gets up and he announces it. So, don’t kid yourself. When you’re dealing with tongues, you’re dealing with Satan.

There’s a second evidence that we are in the intensified stage, and that is miracle healings. God heals. God does not heal today through your prayer cloth. So, some of you (who) have been selling prayer cloths, knock it off. And those of you who have been suggesting to us that we go home and listen to your favorite healer and put our hands on the radio when he prays, forget it. That’s what you’re hearing, aren’t you? (You’re hearing about) the prayer cloth, the healing, and if you send in five bucks you can get a little bottle of anointing oil. Now that’s the best racket yet. I’ve been getting some whole new concepts on church financing since we had that fair. And I’ve been thinking about anointing oil too.

Satan is using this healing business as another counterattack. God does not heal through any man putting his hands on you and commanding you to be healed. It’s another visible manifestations of the warfare that is invisible to our eyes. Demons are trying to counterfeit again what God has done. Behind every healer, there is a satanic and demonic force. The cures that are being performed are being performed on people who are doctrinally ignorant. Any genuine healing that was experienced in the New Testament served the purpose of attesting to the divine authority of the witnesses—that these were men of God, that they spoke for God, and that they were in the tradition of the Lord Jesus Christ who himself healed. Healing was an attestation to the authority and the genuineness of the healers.

But the time came, when this authority was established, that healing began to be phased out. I remind you that later in Paul’s ministry, Paul who had the gift of healing, could not heal. He could pray for one of his friends who was sick, and he had to leave another one behind on one his tours. Paul could not heal later in his ministry but he could at first, because the healing gift began to be phased out. Its purpose had been served.

And you understand that the gift of healing means that anybody, anytime, anywhere in all of the world, no matter what the disease is, can walk up to you and say, “I want to be healed.” And you can say, “OK, I’m going to heal you.” Now that’s the gift of healing. The gift of healing has nothing to do with a sometimes thing. The healing is, “I perform it, if I have the power, and if I am in the proper relationship to God for functioning. When I am a spiritual Christian, I can exercise my spiritual gift.” Of course, this is not characteristic of the healing movements today.

Now there may come a time when you may be confronted with a desperate need for healing, or someone in your family may be confronted with a desperate need for healing. You better think this through before you are tempted at some situation when you think there is no hope now, and maybe there is none, for physical healing, and you say, “I must do something desperate, whatever I must do. I’ll go to the healer and I’ll try.” A large number of people who come to the healers do it on this account.

But God has a purpose for you. When His plan for you is finished, He will take you home to heaven. If he gives you a terminal and incurable disease, this is not the time to press the panic button. This is the time to accept the fact that your death is a new beginning, and that God’s plan is right, relative to what is happening to you. And that you proceed on the basis of your faith rest in Him to resolve this matter according to doctrinal principals. And you don’t go banging on the door of some healer as a bewildered doctrinally disoriented nincompoop. God has given us grace for living. He has given us grace for salvation. And He will give you grace for dying when the time comes that you need that. He does not make a mistake, and what comes upon us physically has His purposes. Healers are a fraud.

Now I want you to understand, and we’re going to get back to this, but we haven’t really said anything about tongues or healing yet. This is introduction. But I do want to make it clear that healers do heal. These people who set up tents and hire auditoriums and are healing, they do heal. You must understand that Satan has the power to heal. His demons have the power to heal. So, there is healing. Stay away from healing meetings too.

The third evidence that we are in the intensified stage of the spiritual warfare is occultism. There is a widespread interest and participation in contacts with the world. It’s called spiritism. This is expressed in séances, for example, the attempts to contact the dead. A classic example is Bishop Pike. Other expressions are the Ouija Board, astrology, and tarot cards. I saw a set of these for sale out in Plymouth Park in one of the bookstores now. There are also horoscopes. Some of you are going to run home and check in the Sunday paper this afternoon to see how things are going to go for you. There are also: black and white magic; fortune telling; predicting the future; levitation—things floating in the air without any visible means of support; telekinesis—things moving around without any natural means to explain their motion; haunted houses filled with noises and moaning (and I’m not talking about the house of horrors built by the Berean Youth Clubs, although they must have had some inside information from someplace to have done as good a job as they did with that. I’ve been wondering about that. It just doesn’t seem natural.); the devil’s mass, and, the worship of Satan. All of these things are occultism, fooling around with the spirit world.

Occultism is now openly practiced. It’s popularized. It is given respectability. The information media are pouring forth insights concerning the spirit world. Even good movies are being produced which glamorize witches. Television programs are delving into the sixth sense. This is the occult world. It is a sign, again, of a doctrinally disoriented society. There are vast segments of mankind who are under the demonic influence of the occult world which is going to come to a climax in the tribulation period in the practices of the harlot ecumenical church. Stay away from occult practices because you’ll find it leaves a trail of emotional, mental, and physical breakdowns. It is not cute to read your horoscope. Whether you like it or not, you tend to subconsciously accept the fact that here is what is guidance for you, instead of from God the Holy Spirit.

1 Timothy 4:1

Now the Bible predicts to us that there’s going to be a tremendous escalation of the angelic warfare in the last days of the church. In 1 Timothy 4:1, we read, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.” Christians need to have a clear understanding of demon influence and of demon expressions. A Christian cannot be possessed by a demon. But a Christian can be fantastically influenced and controlled through one thing, and that is his mind.

The only way a demon can get at a Christian is through his mentality. A demon has to get to your mind, just as he had to get to Eve’s mind. He has to put false ideas into your mind. Then he can direct your will. Then he can direct your emotions. But until he can control your mind through what you read, through what you hear, and through what you see, he cannot influence you. A Christian can be demon-influenced when he is in a carnal state from callouses up on the facets of his soul. And the more callouses have built up on the facets of your soul, the more of a prime target you are for demon influence, I’ll guarantee you. One demon-influenced Christian of that kind can wreak havoc on other Christians. A demon-influenced Christian will make the most amazing decisions, and you will notice something about those decisions. They are destructive to where God’s work is effectively being done.

The reason we recoil from this is that some of our best Christian friends give evidence of demon influence. And we can just hardly believe that this person that we like is playing a demonic game, and is being used to dissuade, to discourage, and to undermine the very thing that God is for. The body of Christ, you and I, form the temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that. Therefore, we cannot be indwelt by a demon spirit, but we can be influenced.

So, 1 Timothy 4:1 says, “Now the Spirit (that is, God the Holy Spirit) speaketh expressly that in the latter times (this is at the end of the church age) some (that is, some Christians) shall depart from the faith (that is, the realm of sound Bible doctrine), giving heed (This is present tense, a continual practice) to seducing spirits (demons) and doctrines of demons (a system of pseudo spirituality expressed in such things as tongues, healing, and the occult cults).”

What’s your defense against this? Look at the end of the chapter. Verse 16 says, “Take heed unto thyself…” That is, be spiritual. Stay in temporal fellowship. “… and unto the doctrine…” This is all that the Bible teaches. Take heed unto that, through doctrine, through a genuine pastor-teacher who lays it on the line and is not impressed with fakes, in or outside of the congregation or the Christian community. “… Continue in them (the summaries of doctrinal truth), for in doing this, thou shalt both save thyself (preserve yourself from demon influence through demonic ideas) and them that hear thee (those who listen to your instruction and are positive to the Word.”

This is the greatest thing you can do for a person. If you are on sound doctrine, you will be a great influence for good upon those who are positive to it, and you will be a source of irritation, exasperation, and spiritual death in temporal separation upon those who are negative to your sound doctrine.

Now the further our society moves from morality and sound doctrine, the more open we are going to be to demonic control. The American newsmen, I noticed, were amused as they reported from Peking, China about the fact that there is a sense of morality there. Now understand what China is. Here is a great Buddhist, oriental, heathen culture worshipping demon gods. As we shall see later, behind every idol is a demon god. When you go to Sunday school you get the idea that, “Here’s this piece of wood that people worship.” You’re a kid in Sunday school and you say, “What kind of a dummy is that, worshipping a piece of wood or a carved stone?” He’s not such a dummy. Behind it is an idol god, a demon god.

During the war when I was in Peking, another Marine officer and I were visiting Peking under the guidance of a rickshaw boy called Buddha, and he took us into various temples. In one temple that he led us into, it was very very dark. It took my eyes a little while to get acclimated, and I saw two pillars in front of me. Then as I got used to the darkness, I looked up and I realized that these were the legs of a huge Buddha standing. Our guide said, “This is the Buddha of long life.” There were candles out in front. He walked up and he took a paper and he lit it. He handed it to us and said, “Light a candle to the Buddha of long life, and you’ll have long life.” He handed it to me, and I said, “No.” He handed it to the other officer, and he took it. He lit a candle. I wonder what ever happened to him. Do you think he’ll have a long life? If that demon comes through from behind that idol, he will, within the regulations of the hand of God. Demons can do great things for you from a human viewpoint.

Our American newsmen who were in this kind of a culture were amused by the fact that they observed sexual abstinence in Chinese youth before marriage. You know, “That’s way out. Who does that in the American culture?” They were just amused. Here they sat, these guys whose networks had spent thousands and thousands of dollars to send them over there to give news reports. And we heard some of the idiotic analyses that they’ve been giving us of the China trip. Here they were amused by this. They don’t understand that communist philosophy has joined Freud. Freud says that the drive for creating and maintaining civilization is the sex drive, and sexual abandonment outside of the restraints and restrictions of a monogamous marriage dissipates the capacities for building civilization.

Many Americans have fallen under the guidance of Herbert Marcuse, the professor at the University of San Diego in California who was such an Angela Davis. Marcuse came along and said, “We will teach American youth the abandonment of pleasure. They will be so dissipated that capitalism will fall because there will be, in time, nobody to maintain the structure of the society, and it will have no thrust. Its creative forces will be drained.

Well, this is why the communists impose such a Victorian puritanical climate on their young people, and they do it in Russia too. These idiotic newsmen don’t understand enough about communism. They don’t take it seriously enough to know what’s behind what they’re observing so they can interpret it. But Satan is the moving force behind communism, and he knows how to protect his domain.

The cry of the liberal preacher today is that there is no personal devil, and there are no demons. They’re a figment of the imagination. All of this makes it very easy for Satan. Even Bible Christians have very defective concepts concerning the power and the operation of Satan—some kind of vague channels of influence. They love to say Jesus Christ defeated Satan on the cross, and they think that’s it.

Well, we close this morning by reminding you that apart from Bible doctrine, we would not know that the phenomena of tongues, the phenomena of miracle healings, and the phenomena of the occult world are originating with Satan and his demons. They’re a part of the angelic warfare against God designed to deceive people in order to frustrate the plan of God toward project footstool. We will continue with this next Sunday morning. We are going to spell out to you several things in detail, including what it is to be demon possessed, how to identify demon possession, and how to become demon possessed, actively or passively.

I think that before we are through, if you take time to study some of the basics that we have put out this morning and in the weeks which follow, you will be a very informed believer concerning demonic and satanic activity. As I talk to people, and the questions people ask me, and the contacts I’ve been getting just this past week, people are bewildered by things they are coming against that they cannot explain, and they’re tempted to feel is of God. If Satan can kid you into the fact, like the liberal idiotic preacher can kid, that there is no real devil, that there are no real demons out there, and that there is not really a warfare, he’s got you. You are vulnerable if you don’t know how he functions and if you don’t know some of the things that you can do that expose you to demon influence.

Now you as a Christian are safe from demon possession, but demon influence can be just as bad. There are certain things that you can do that just open the door to demonic influence, and you won’t even know it. Pretty soon you will be championing causes, and you’ll be carrying the flag, and you’ll be calling for things, and you’ll be moving in directions. That’s why we say that a demon influenced believer, who knows something about doctrine, and carries some weight of prestige is a very very dangerous person. A demon influenced believer in a local church is a very dangerous person. Satan knows how to manipulate and work, so you had better be careful. You are not as immune because you are a believer that you might think you are. Stay with us.

Dr. John E. Danish, 1971

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