The Doctrine of Warfare

  1) DW-1A The Anti-War Mentality Word Document TBD DW-1A Audio mp3
  2) DW-1B The Divine Right of Nations DW-1B Audio mp3
  3) DW-2A War and Its Place in God's Plan DW-2A Audio mp3
  4) DW-2B Peace Through Victory and the Sin of Pacifism DW-2B Audio mp3
  5) DW-3A Combat Maturity and Production of Battle Courage DW-3A Audio mp3
  6) DW-3B Training and Leadership Produce Victory DW-3B Audio mp3
  7) DW-4A The Discipline of Nations DW-4A Audio mp3
  8) DW-4B Combat Protection, Lawful Orders, and Revolution DW-4B Audio mp3