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Bailouts and Entitlements

in Ezekiel 18:20, we clearly see that every one of us, as an individual, is accountable for each of our personal choices and activity. Nevertheless, it appears as though our bailout / entitlement thinking process has redefined our individual obligation. Many of us anticipate to be bailed out if any bad common sense demonstrates us to be irresponsible, and many of us anticipate federal government entitlements at the cost of the other party's tax money.

We anticipate to be in a position to renegotiate our own home loan, even though all of us voluntarily (as well as eagerly) approved the initial conditions of the home loan. Many of us anticipate to be in a position to pay back charge card businesses merely a little percentage on the quantity we spent, and there are actually even businesses that promote this kind of conduct by marketing their own providers just for this very objective. Similarly, some other businesses assist consumers to renegotiate with the Internal revenue service for back taxes due to the federal government. (This really is really odd, simply because we then turn right around and anticipate the federal government to help us out in some form or fashion, or to provide us entitlements.)

Ezekiel 18:30 tells us that we will each be evaluated based on our own activities. 1 Corinthians 3:5-15 verifies that God assigns duties to every individual, and that we will each be rewarded (or endure loss) based on our personal labor. Our work is going to be “shown for what it is, simply because the Day will bring it to light,” and “test the quality of every man’s work.”

Owen Weber 2010