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Joel 1

Joel predicted a terrible plague of locusts.  The locusts would destroy everything, and the people would go into mourning and depression.  The vineyards would be destroyed, so the alcoholics would suffer withdrawal.  God called upon all the people to mourn, including the farmers, the priests, and the elders. 

Joel 2

Then Joel's prophecies reveal even further calamities.  In the near term, the Assyrian army would punish the people, and in the long term (the end times), the Great Tribulation will precede the Second Coming of Christ.  God calls upon the people to repent.  A small number of people do respond, but the rest feel the wrath of God's judgment.  In the near term, Assyria would not prevail, but in the end times, another nation from the north would threaten Israel.  God will defeat that enemy as well, and Israel will be restored as a land of milk and honey. 

Joel 3

In the end times, during the Great Tribulation, the peoples of the nation of Israel will be re-gathered from across the world, and they will return to their homeland.  Many nations of the world will attack Israel at the battle of Armageddon.  Then Jesus Christ will return in His Second Coming--this time as a King (a lion) instead of as a servant and sacrifice (a lamb).  He will deliver the nation of Israel from her enemies, and He will establish His millennial kingdom upon the earth.  The nations of the world will be judged according to the way they had treated Israel, still God's chosen people.  Finally, the wars of the earth will end, and swords will be made into ploughshares.