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Habakkuk 1

Habakkuk had many problems, and he was perplexed.  He did not understand why God would permit His people to continue to increase in sin, iniquity, injustice, strife, contention, and violence, without doing anything about it.  The people ignored God's law, and there was no justice in the land.  Many wicked people were in control, and the few righteous people were in trouble because of the many wicked one. 

However, God's answer to Habakkuk was that He was indeed doing something about it, but Habakkuk was slow to believe this because it wasn't what he wanted to be done.  God was preparing the Babylonians to take Judah captive. 

Habakkuk was sure that God would judge the Babylonians, but he had another problem.  The Babylonians were even more wicked than Israel.  Since God is holy and just, He should judge the Babylonians first.  How could God allow the Babylonians to first take the Israelites captive? 

Habakkuk 2

Still, Habakkuk had faith in God, and he would simply wait for God's answers to his questions.  Those who were puffed up would be destroyed, while those saved by faith would persevere. 

The puffed up souls had to be judged because of their sins of drunkenness, pride, arrogance, ambition, rebellion, covetousness, murder, iniquity, and persecution.  This final judgment will occur at the Second Coming of Christ.  Meanwhile, God judges the sins of immorality, violence, and false religion. 

Habakkuk 3

Habakkuk prayed, and his attitude was changed.  He first thought that God was doing nothing, but God showed him that He was judging both Israel and the other nations as well.  Habakkuk pleaded with God to be merciful as He exercised His judgment.  Regardless of his circumstances, Habakkuk would rejoice in God.  This faith in action was possible because his was a saving faith.