Sermon Series from Berean Memorial Church, Irving, TX

& Thanksgiving English Fellowship, Shanghai, China

Dr. John E. Danish
Basic Bible Doctrine
Christian Service and Human Government - TBD
Colossians - The Book of Colossians
Frustrating the Grace of God (Colossians Special)
Jude - The Book of Jude
Philippians - The Book of Philippians
Prophecy - Highlights of Prophecy
Prophecy - 9/11 Special
Rallying to the Berean Ministries
Revelation - The Book of Revelation
Romans - The Book of Romans
Special (The Live Wire Church, Christian Education, Abortion)
The Seven Last Words of Christ
Techniques of the Christian Life
Warfare - The Doctrine of Warfare
Leon Adkins
James - The Book of James
1 Samuel - The Book of 1 Samuel
2 Samuel - The Book of 2 Samuel
Titus - The Book of Titus
Russ Weber
Thanksgiving English Fellowship, Shanghai, China