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Summary of the Doctrine of Angels

1) The holy angels engage in glorifying God (Revelation 5:11-12, Psalm 148:2).  We should too, but maybe it's actually easier for the angels because they are able to do something that we cannot do.  The angels can see God (Matthew 18:10).

2) After the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the holy angels prevented sinful man from reentering the garden to be able to eat from the Tree of Life in order to perpetuate his existence forever in a sinful fallen condition separated from God (Genesis 3:24). 

3) The holy angels protect children (Matthew 18:10), and we're not fully aware of the degree of this protection in our daily lives. 

4) Angels will gather Jewish people to the promised land at the Second Coming of Christ from all over the world (Matthew 24:31).  It is the angels of God who will bring the Jews back to their final to the promised land. 

5) Angels are present in the worship services of the local church (1 Corinthians 11:10, Ephesians 3:10, 1 Timothy 5:21). 

6) The language of angels is not gibberish that nobody understands (1 Corinthians 13:1), whenever they carry a message.  They speak in whatever language is appropriate for the people they're speaking to.  Angels speak the same languages as men. 

7) Angels rejoice when a lost sinner is born again (Luke 15:10). 

8) The angels carry the saved person into heaven as the final expression of dying grace (Luke 16:22). 

9) The holy angels are at war with the demon angels.  This war is on now.  It is demonstrating that God is just.  It is a battle over the justice and the fairness of God.  The climactic battle that finishes all this off will be in the middle of the seven-year tribulation period (Revelation 12:7).  Believers are in the very midst of the battle (Ephesians 6:12).